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Would you do this??


Would you do this??

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Oooh snow. #trackordienyc #fixedgear #affinitycycles #reloadbags #boombotix


Oooh snow. #trackordienyc #fixedgear #affinitycycles #reloadbags #boombotix

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MSNBC interrupts Congresswoman for report on Justin Bieber


 god bless america


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All I need.

All I need.

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UNLOCKING THE TRUTH  is two sixth-grade metalheads from Flatbush, Brooklyn

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Mixing fantasy with reality: How Sesame Street’s Big Bird was born.


Joan Ganz Cooney: How Big Bird Was Born

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We’ve seen plenty of 8bit IRL before, but Mel Marcelo’s series brings a new twist.

He uses Instagram to take the photos and then photoshops in the 8bit awesome, creating some really impressive images that look stunningly realistic.

Some personal favorites are Link in the Apple store and the characters from Wild Gunmen hanging out in the Taco Bell. Both are great examples of the subtle details Mel infuses into his designs, like creating pixelated shadows, to make the images look virtually realistic.

Visit Mel’s Instagram to see his complete collection of 8bit goodness.

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September 2012, Juan approaches me and says his dad runs an Mc and would love to be a part of it, he just needs a bike. He mentioned before he likes my R6 and I was willing to sell it to him. We agreed on a price and a payment plain since he did not have all the money then.

Nelson and I agreed to teach him to ride in the meantime. He started doing to basic drills on Nelson’s ninja, which was almost dropped. His keys ended up scratching the tank. After this we agreed he would use the r6 now to practice. We went out during a few frigid nights and did figure eights, quick stops and the usual drills.

He made payments every two weeks until thanksgiving. Christmas was around the corner and he just had a niece. He told me he would continue payments after the holidays.
Now shortly after christmas he was also losing his apartment. His former roommate had owed him a few months in back rent, which prevented him from renewing his lease. He decided to stay with his mother for a bit.

I helped him move some of his belongings to his mothers house in the meantime. After dealing with a craigslist broker, he found a new apartment on the 6th floor on the other side of the bronx. The only problem was he didn’t have the money due to the back rent he was owed.

I agreed to return his $1500 he had paid me already for the bike so he would have a place to live. He said he would still buy the bike and give me the money from his tax return in a few months. I then helped him move his things from his old apartment and his mothers house to his 6 floor walk up. A task we pulled off at midnight due to the fact he had to be out of his old place by morning.

He checked in with me every so often to make sure I was holding on to the bike for him. This deal had now stretched from September 2012 to February 2013. Mid February comes around and I asked if he was still going to get the bikes he said sure, his tax money should be here next week, but he can only give me 3/4th of the money. I offered to have him pay out the rest by the end of the year and I’d give him the keys when he gave me 3/4th of the money.

The Friday before the week he was going to pay me for the bike, he texted me and said he was no longer going to buy the bike, it was too pricy. Naturally I was upset.

I had been holding on to this bike for more than 6 months. I had received multiple offers. I helped him move two times, and not ask for a dime understanding he was going through something. I even mentioned that maybe a bike at this time might not be right for him due to his financial situation. But no, he had to get a bike, to be road captain, of his dad’s motorcycle club.

In the snow bitches

In the snow bitches